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Vertex Boost MKII Pedal


In stock

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– Matt's Music Staff


From Vertex:

Features include

  • Boost pedal with +16dB of ultra-transparent level over unity gain
  • Drives your amp into saturation or gives your solos a squeaky-clean level bump
  • Accommodates both line- and instrument-level signals
  • Ultra-linear buffers condition your entire signal path, ensuring optimal input and stable output impedance
  • 1-megohm input buffer compensates for pickup loading
  • 100-ohm output buffer tackles arena-sized cable runs like a champ
  • Converts a noisy passive effects loop into a max-quality, whisper-quiet active loop
  • Insert jack enables volume adjustment via an external volume or expression pedal while keeping your guitar’s signal isolated and free of “tone suck”
  • 33% slimmer than its predecessor (Vertex Boost MKI)


Don’t let the Vertex Boost MKII’s name fool you — it’s much more than a mere boost. Make no mistake, this multifunction guitar pedal can function as a gain booster, with +16dB of ultra-transparent gain that can either drive your amp into saturation or give your solos a squeaky-clean level bump, depending on where you choose to deploy it. Able to accommodate both line- and instrument-level signals, the Boost MKII also includes ultra-linear input/output buffers that are guaranteed to elevate the sound of your entire rig. This stompbox’s buffers can propel a typical mid-level rig into pro-level territory with zero tonal coloration. And if your rig is already 99% of the way there, the Boost MKII will deliver that elusive missing 1%. Beyond that, the Boost MKII’s insert jack enables you to adjust your volume via an external treadle-style pedal while keeping your guitar’s signal completely isolated — it’s like plugging straight into your amp. Boasting a compact enclosure that’s 33% slimmer than its predecessor, the Vertex Boost MKII belongs on every tone-obsessed guitarist’s pedalboard.


While the Boost MKII offers a myriad of useful functions, it’s a clean booster pedal at heart. Its straightforward Level knob ranges from unity gain to a healthy +16dB. Placing the Boost MKII in front of your amp or dirt boxes adds saturation and sustain to your signal, while placing it after your preamp and dirt boxes gives you a full-range level increase. Best off all, the Boost MKII doesn’t change the tone of anything that comes before it — it’s sonically invisible.


Guitarists are always searching for new ways to elevate the sound of their rig. Thanks to its top-shelf input and output buffers, the Vertex Boost MKII will do just that. How can a set of buffers transform a noisy, novice-sounding rig into a quiet, pro-level one? For starters, these buffers condition your rig’s entire analog signal path, ensuring optimal input and stable output. They also exhibit an unprecedented level of linearity, while ensuring zero coloration of your signal — even with dozens of stompboxes in your chain. The Boost MKII’s input buffer compensates for pickups with different impedances, ensuring that both single-coil- and humbucker-equipped guitars retain every ounce of their tone, while its output buffer tackles arena-sized cable runs like a champ. Got a hissy, interference-prone passive effects loop? Not anymore — the Boost MKII will convert it into a max-quality, whisper-quiet active loop.


On the rear of the Boost MKII, you’ll find a 1/8-inch TRS insert. This enables you to control your volume using an external treadle-style pedal. When the Boost MKII is bypassed, your external pedal will behave as a typical volume pedal, sweeping from zero to unity gain. Turn the Boost MKII on, and the treadle-style pedal will sweep from zero to wherever the stompbox’s Level knob is set. You connect the treadle-style pedal to the Boost MKII via a 1/8-inch TRS to 1/4-inch TRS (stereo) cable or a 1/8-inch TRS to dual 1/4-inch TS (“Y” insert) cable (sold separately). Best of all, your guitar’s signal is completely isolated from the treadle-style pedal, ensuring zero impact on your tone.


  • BOSS FV-30H (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • BOSS FV-30L (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • BOSS FV-50L (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • BOSS FV-50H (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • BOSS FV-500H (accepts insert “Y” cable or TRS cable)
  • BOSS FV-500L (accepts insert “Y” cable or TRS cable)
  • Dunlop Volume X Pedal DVP8 (accepts “Y” insert cable or TRS cable)
  • Dunlop Volume X Pedal DVP4 (accepts “Y” insert cable or TRS cable)
  • Dunlop DVP1XL Volume Pedal (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • Ernie Ball 25K Stereo Volume Pedal (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • Ernie Ball 250K Mono Volume Pedal (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • Ernie Ball VP JR 25K (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • Ernie Ball VP JR 250K (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • Korg EXP-2 Expression Pedal (accepts TRS cable)
  • Korg XVP20 Stereo Volume/Expression Pedal (accepts TRS cable or “Y” insert cable)
  • Lehle Mono or Stereo Volume Pedal (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedal (hardwired TRS cable included)
  • Moog EP-3 Universal Expression Pedal (accepts TRS cable)
  • Morley M2 Passive Volume Guitar Effects Pedal (accepts “Y” insert cable)
  • Morley M2 Passive Expression Guitar Effects Pedal (accepts TRS cable)
  • Roland EV-5 (hardwired TRS cable included)
  • Visual Sound Visual Volume Pedal (in passive mode — accepts insert “Y” cable)
  • Xotic XVP-250K High Impedance Volume Pedal Pedal (accepts insert “Y” cable)
  • Xotic XVP-25K Low Impedance Volume Pedal Pedal (accepts insert “Y” cable)
  • Yamaha FC-7 (hardwired TRS cable included)

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