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3rd Power Kitchen Sink 6VEL 40 Watt Amplifier Head and DC-212 Cabinet

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– Matt's Music Staff


From 3rd Power:


The Ultimate All-in-one Tube Amp Solution


If you can hear it in your head, you’ll find it right here in the Kitchen Sink. The elegantly designed control panel puts essential American and British guitar amp tones instantly at your fingertips. And the new 6VEL model cranks up the sonic immersion in every way, with a wide variety of tube options, layered (blend-able) American and British clean voices, JTM, JMP and “Jose” era Plexi voices, switchable rectifier modes, Hybrid-Master™, as well as a powerful channel/scene-change foot control switching system all built in.


It All Starts with Real Tubes



The KS 6VEL gives you the choice of a solid-state rectifier for more maximum headroom and punch, or a tube rectifier for a sweeter, warmer response. Use a 5U4 for supreme tube compression or go with a 5AR4/GZ34 for a response that’s more in the middle.



The KS 6VEL runs on a pair of E34L power tubes (for 40+ watts of power) or run 6V6 tubes (for 20 watts of power). Want some variety? Go ahead and run 5881s or 6L6s. Bias adjustment and meter patch points are located on the back panel.



The KS 6VEL features JJ ECC83S short-plate tubes operating in Class-A for both the American and British preamp circuits, tone stacks and the FX loop. The Reverb and Phase Inverter each operate on a Sovtek 12AX7 LPS long-plate tube for maximum signal gain and lower noise.


Controls Four Different Amp Tones!


The Clean channel features a GIANT KNOB that lets you blend (layer together) American and British clean tones. Pan hard right and you’re all American, hard left and you’re all British. Pan in the middle and you’re playing through both amp voices simultaneously. Each voice stays clean or breaks up as it should based on where the volume knob is set. A great example of this would be to blend the ’65 Blackface with the AC Top Boost for American tones that stay clean and punchy while the British chime breaks up and sustains the same as playing through two separate amplifiers. See below for a description of each of the four individual amp voices available in the clean channel.


The KS 6VEL features a spanky clean ’65 Blackface amp voice with all of the fat blackface tone and bounce you’d expect from museum grade example.


At the flip of a switch, the KS 6VEL becomes a ’62 Brownface amp with a midrange growl that’s somewhere between the Tweed and Blackface.


From the other side of the Atlantic, the KS 6VEL delivers a chimey clean AC tone and response that’s decidedly British with superb clarity.


At the flip of a switch, the KS 6VEL jumps to British chime with punched up gain and sustain – right in line with what you’d expect from a vintage Top Boost amp.


JTM, JMP, and Jose-Style Plexi Voices


The Dirty channel features a tone stack voicing switch that delivers the sweeter JTM tone control voicing and balanced gain response in one position, and the more in your face JMP voicing in the other. The Gain control knob cascades through multiple tube gain stages in a unique way that starts out with Classic Plexi tones early on the dial giving way to scorching High Gain tones later on. The Gain Boost switch engages even more gain as well as kicking in our unique clipping diode circuit that gives you the sustain and precision of a ‘Jose’ but retains the organic Plexi clarity when backing off of the guitar’s volume control. See below for a description of each of the three individual amp voices available in the dirty channel.

’65 JTM

The JTM45 debuted in ’65 bringing the punch and sustain of a certain American style bass amp but with a decidedly British angst. One circuit common to both was the tone stack featuring a 56k ohm slope resistor and a 250pf treble capacitor. This made for a sweeter tone with emphasis on the melody strings.

’68 JMP

The JMP amplifiers debuted around late ’67 bringing with it a distinctive mid-range frequency slice, increased sustain and of course, more power. One design tweak made a huge impact: a 33k ohm slope resistor and a 470pf treble capacitor. This increased overall gain, slice and punch… mission accomplished.

’80S ‘JOSE’

The ‘Jose’ mod isn’t actually one particular mod but a number of circuit tweaks that players were having done to their Plexis back in the day. One thing is for sure, players wanted MORE GAIN and DISTORTION and some of Jose’s mods, cascading preamp tube stages and clipping diodes sure made a lot of people happy!


FX Loop, Bias Test Points, Variable Slave Output



The KS 6VEL gives you an all-tube effects loop optimized for pedals as well as rack-mountable gear. You can assign the FX Loop to the Switching Bus to bring it under remote control.



The KS 6VEL features external multi-meter test points and a fixed-bias adjustment control so you can optimize your power tubes for the best tone and longest tube life.



The KS 6VEL features a speaker compensated variable Slave/Line output so you can send ‘finished’ guitar tone to a variety of other devices.


Foot Switchable Scene Changes are a Snap

Special Features

• Two Foot-switchable Channels (Clean and Dirty)
• Clean Channel: Black/Brownface, AC and Top Boost
•“Big Knob” Blend Control on CH.1
• Dirty Channel: Multi-voiced Plexi (JTM, JMP, ‘Jose’)
• Preamp Gain Boost (foot switchable)
• 6V6 (20W) or EL34 (40W) Operation
• Back-panel Bias Test Points and Adjustment Pot
• Switchable Tube or SS Power Supply Rectifier
• Tube FX Loop (foot switchable)
• Tube Reverb (channel assignable)
• Foot-switchable Solo Boost
• Variable Speaker-simulated Slave Output
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Model Name: Kitchen Sink 6VEL
  • Output Architecture: 2x Power Tubes (Class AB), Fixed Bias
  • Power Rectification: Selectable Tube (5U4 or 5AR4/GZ34), or Solid State
  • Plate Voltage: 120V AC input yields ~430V DC plate voltage (solid state rectified)
  • Power Output: ~40W (EL34), 20W (6V6)
  • Output Impedance: Discreet 16/8 and 4 Ohm Outputs
  • Preamp Architecture: 5x JJ ECC83S, 2x Sovtek 12AX7LPS
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 10.5″ x 9.33″
  • Weight: 31lbs

Pro Package ships as follows:

• Kitchen Sink 6VEL

• Loaded with 2x EL34 Power Tubes

• Loaded with 1x Rectifier Tube

• 4 Button Pro Foot Switch, Premium 15′ 7-Pin DIN Cable Included

• Tolex Color is Black Levant with White Piping

• Control Faceplates are Black


The design goal for the DC212 was to enhance the performance and versatility of our legendary Dream 212 cab. I’ve been on a kick lately of trying to optimize/align the timing of when your guitar frequencies hit and then exit the speaker and that lead me to a particular design decision to move the back baffle forward by roughly 1.25″.  This means the DC-212 is a cabinet with a depth of 12-5/8″ compared to the Dream 212 which had a depth of 14″.  This makes the response more immediate.  When play testing and recording, I find the mid and high frequencies line up better with the lows to produced a supremely focused tone that is crystal clear, articulate and responsive.  Every pick attack of your playing is spot-on accurate.  The low frequencies remain full and focused but don’t take over the performance.

Vertical and Horizontal orientation is standard with the new DC-212.  Dimensionally, the DC-212 fits perfectly to the head enclosure shape of the Extra Spanky 6VEL, Spanky MKII+ as well as the forthcoming new versions of the Clean and Dirty Sink heads.  This time around, we went with a classic look meaning that your rig will accompany you on stage with superior tone without taking up too much room or dominating the smooth sight-lines on today’s modern stage designs.

Patented Design
Crafted from 5/8″ birch, the DC-212 features embedded triangular speaker chambers to eliminate standing waves and internal reflections. With construction features including isolated speaker chambers (one open, one closed) and a tuned triangle port, the DC-212 delivers your full frequency response with a clarity and punch that sounds more like a mastered record and won’t get lost in the mix.

*Prices start at $1399 loaded with 2x WGS Retro 30 speakers.

Mono or Stereo Operating Modes
The DC-212 provides a ton of flexibility by way of MONO or STEREO operating modes. When you plug into the left speaker jack, both speakers are linked in mono (total 8 ohm load). When you plug into the right speaker jack you break the link and can now operate each speaker individually for stereo operation (each speaker is 16 ohms).

  • Model Name: DC-212
  • Power Handling: ~120w Loaded with a pair of WGS Retro 30s
  • Weight: 55lbs loaded (36lbs unloaded)
  • Dimensions: 29 7/8″ x 20″ x 12 5/8″
  • Construction:  5/8″ birch enclosure, dado joinery throughout
  • Impedance: 8 ohms mono, 16 ohms when operating in stereo mode

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